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I’m Andrea Meyer, the author of this blog.

I am first and foremost a Homemaker. I take pride in what I do and believe that there is an art and talent required for Homemaking done well. I am also an Interior Decorator and enjoy my part time/when I have time Design business very much. I have been married to my husband Todd for almost 4 years now. We met in the great state of Texas and had a typical whirlwind Military engagement and wedding after dating for two years. We then promptly moved to FL to set up life and home in the beautiful beach town of Destin. I think we checked off more life events within a 6 month period of time than most couples do in ten years of marriage. It was crazy! We have a new baby boy and I am enjoying being his Mama  immensely! We also have a small dog named Ceba Sue. She is a well-loved and spoiled rotten furry baby with too much personality for her own good!

This is my personal blog. I hope to encourage you, whether working inside or outside of the home, to take pride in all that you do and to seek true fulfillment in your work and life. I love being primarily a homemaker, but I also enjoy other pursuits and business ventures. I want women to recognize that WE DON’T HAVE TO “BE” JUST ONE THING!

In this blog, you will find a wide variety of information pertaining to Personal Development, Communication, Interior Design, Relationships, Health, Beauty, Faith, Parenting, and of course, homemaking. I try to keep my articles under the umbrella of these topics, but sometimes write about something completely random because it’s fun or I feel it’s worth sharing with you. My goal is to get to know you and for you to really get to know me through all that I share here, which is why you will find all aspects of me, from my business to my personal life, in the pages of this blog.

I typically post 1 to 2 times a week. Make sure you don’t miss anything by subscribing via email in the column to the right of this page. I would also love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

I look forward to connecting and sharing with you!



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